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The LDU11... control detects leakage of the shut-off valves on gas trains with two safety shutoff valves. During each burner cycle, the LDU control unit automatically sequences, and if a leak is detected, initiates a lockout and prevents the burner from starting up.
  • Performs leak test of the gas shut-off valves before start-up and/or immediately after burner shut-down
  • No inlet gas pressure limitations
  • Easy-to-read dial indicates progress of test program
  • Ability to eliminate or leak test the vent valve
  • Cost effective control improves system safety
  • Globally Approved ?cULus, FM, CE

The LDU11 (or control unit) is used in a gas-fired combustion system with or without a vent valve in the gas train.

Installed with one or two pressure switches mounted between the gas valves, the LDU automatically initiates gas valve proving either

  • prior to burner start-up
  • immediately after the controlled shutdown, or
  • both prior to burner start-up and immediately after shutdown

The valve leak test is completed in two stages:

  • First test phase Test1, evacuates the pressure between the gas valves to test the upstream gas shutoff valve. The pipe between the gas valves is monitored by a leak detect pressure switch for no increase in pressure.
  • Second test phase Test2, pressurizes the area between the gas valves to test the downstream safety shutoff valve. The pipe between the gas valves is monitored by the leak detect pressure switch for no decrease in pressure.

If the leak detect switch signals excessive gas pressure increase during the first test phase Test1, or decrease during the second test phase Test2, the LDU control will lockout and prevent burner start-up. The indicator dial on the front of the unit indicates the progress of the leak test. When a fault occurs, the indicator dial stops at the time of lockout, and indicates which of the valves is leaking. In the event of a lockout, the reset button on the front of the control will light orange to indicate a fault.

Pushing the clear window in front of the indicator dial once will reset the LDU control. DO NOT hold in the reset button. The LDU may also be reset with a remote button (see wiring diagram).

型号 主电压 Hz
LDU11.523A27 AC220-240V 50...60
LDU11.523A17 AC100-110V 50...60
主电压 AC220V -15%...AC240V +10%
AC100V -15%...AC110V +10%
主频率 50Hz ±6%
外部保险丝 10A
-测试 3.5VA
-运行 2.5VA
重量 4 lbs
保护等级 NEMA 1251213
运输环境 IEC 60 721-3-2
内部条件 class 2K2
温度范围 -58...+140ºF
机械条件 class 2M2
湿度 <95%
运行环境 IEC 60 721-3-3
内部条件 class 3K5
机械条件 class 3M2
温度范围 -5...+140ºF
湿度 <95%

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