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The multibloc systems of this series usually consist of a quick opening valve and a slow opening valve, which are mechanically connected by an O.Ring and a suitable fixing bracket; these devices can be fitted with a by-pass valve and/or a gas pressure switch with fixed or adjustable setting.

The electrical connections between the components are carried out by means of a printed circuit board placed in a plastic casing. The multibloc system and the control unit are electrically connected by means of a four-pole MPM plug enabling a very easy wiring in the applications.

Supply voltage is signalled by a light indicator useful during installation and service.

For any information about the features of each solenoid gas valve used in these multibloc systems please refer to the corresponding technical leaflets (EG15, EG25, EG30 and EG40 Series of quick, slow or by-pass valves).

Gas valves of this series are in compliance with European standard EN161 and have the EC-type certificate (CE PIN 0063AQ0626) in accordance with the Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC and the following amendment 93/68/EEC.

型号 阀门位置
S SR L s sr l P PR
快速打开电磁阀(开/关) 快速打开电磁阀(有流量调节) 慢速打开电磁阀(有流量调节) 快速打开旁通电磁阀(开/关) 快速打开旁通电磁阀(有流量调节) 慢速打开旁通电磁阀(有流量调节) 气压开关 调节气压开关
GVC...*S*S 1-2              
GVC...*S*SR 1 2            
GVC...*S*L 1   2          
GVC...*S*L*s(sr-l) 1   2 5-6 5-6 5-6    
GVC...*S*L*s(sr-l)*P 1   2 5-6 5-6 5-6 3-4  
GVC...*S*L*s(sr-l)*PR 1   2 5-6 5-6 5-6   3-4
型号 运行压力(mbar) 口径 功率(VA)在230V 功率(VA)在110V
GVC25*S1*S1 - G3/4" - -
GVC25*S1*SR1 - G3/4" - -
GVC25*S1*L1 - G3/4" - -
GVC25*S3*S3 0...500 G3/4" 36 33
GVC25*S3*SR3 0...500 G3/4" 36 33
GVC25*S3*L3 0...350 G3/4" 36 33
主电压 230V 50/60Hz
110V 50/60Hz
运行温度 -10ºC...+60ºC
关闭时间 <1s
打开时间 <1s
安装位置 水平或垂直
等级 A

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